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Rhodes Highlights - Exploring the Island Symi Island Rhodes Town Kalithea Spa Monolithos Apolakkia Pylona Lindos Lardos Prassonisi

Rhodes Highlights - Exploring the Island

Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese (50 miles long by 24 miles wide) and its many rivers help to ensure that it is also the greenest. The island is steeped in history, the Colossus of Rhodes being one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World for which it was most famous. Take the time to visit some of my favourite Rhodes highlights...

Apolakkia, Rhodes, Greece

Not far inland from Pefkos (on the road to Monolithos) is the tree-surrounded, peaceful, pretty postcard-like village of Apolakkia. Its name, said to come from the Greek lakos, meaning ditch, belies its medieval houses with pantile roofs, silent monasteries and old windmills. Take time to relax at one of the tavernas on the village square, where the cultural centre is housed in an ancient mansion built in the classical Italian architectural style.

Kalithea, Rhodes, Greece

Kalithea Spa

Originally built by the Italians as a spa for the treatment of many ailments, Kalithea has recently been restored and renovated to its former glory and is well worth a visit. It sits above a small bay with excellent swimming and scuba diving from the rocks. There is a museum/gallery with before & after images of the restoration and exhibitions by local artists. The beautifully laid out gardens lead you to a bar/restaurant where you can relax and undo all the good work of the healing springs!!!

Lardos, Rhodes, Greece


Only 3 miles from Pefkos, the traditional and friendly village of Lardos has a lovely main square with a natural spring water fountain flanked by bars and tavernas. A great place to sit in the shade and watch the bustling village life. And during high season there are weekly Greek nights held in the square, great entertainment for all the family.

Lindos, Rhodes, Greece


With its ancient Acropolis, links to the Knights Templar and the beautiful St Paul’s Bay, Lindos is probably the second only to Rhodes town itself in terms of world fame. Built on – and into – the steep hillside, with its maze of narrow cobbled streets, with tiny houses, churches and many shops and tavernas, this picturesque village is only a short bus, taxi, or boat trip away from Pefkos. Take the glass-bottomed boat (from the bottom of Boat Trip Road) and get a taxi back to Pefkos from the bustling main square – or do the return trip by sea.

Monolithos, Rhodes, Greece

Monolithos (mono = one; lithos = stone)

A narrow winding road from the village takes you to a viewpoint from where you can see the 15th-century castle, sitting precariously atop the large rocky outcrop that is the soaring monolith, 774 feet above the sea. A truly spectacular view awaits you if you have the energy to carry on down the road a short distance, join the path and then climb the steps all the way up to the chapel at the top.

Prassonisi, Rhodes, Greece


At the southernmost tip of the island (about 20 miles from Pefkos), Prassonisi is where the calm Mediterranean meets the stormy Aegean. The view from the approach road is stunningly beautiful – with the wide expanse of sandy beach and the multitude of windsurfers, with their colourful sails. You can reach the tiny island at the end of the beach by swimming or walking, but only if the weather is right and the water not too high.

Pylona, Rhodes, Greece


The most striking feature of the small olive farming village of Pylona and which can be seen from the main road north from Pefkos and Lardos, is the Church of St Nicholas. It was built after an earthquake in 1928 ruined the village churches and other local monuments. The Church of Evangelism nearby has many Byzantine frescoes.

Rhodes Town, Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes Town

The capital of the island (just over 30 miles from Pefkos) is really two towns – the Old and the New. Behind the stone ramparts of the Old Town, which you can walk along, there is a maze of narrow cobbled streets, open courtyards, ancient ruins, covered markets, bazaars, churches, mosques and museums. The Grand Master’s Palace in the Knights’ Quarter and the Turkish Library in the Bourg are among the many ‘must see’ places when you visit Rhodes. But you should also take time to sit and relax in the shade of the orange trees in the beautifully laid-out gardens just below the ramparts. The New Town is where you’ll find all the familiar international designer stores, which are a magnet for tourists.

Symi Island, Rhodes, Greece
Symi Island

A day trip well worth making from Pefkos is to the island of Symi, to the north-west of Rhodes. Once one of the richest of the Greek islands, today it remains the place to go if you want really good natural sponges. The island has several beautiful churches, a museum and the approach to its mountain-flanked harbour is stunning. There are regular boats to Symi from Mandraki Harbour in Rhodes town.

Pefkos Exclusive, Rhodes

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